Since the game *is* D&D 5e, you can't really fight against the Long Rests. More problems will arise if you try to ignore the rule.

They need to embrace the resting rules, and make them the best they can be. There's a lot of good stuff there too! Especially if they let us camp on the road in the spirit of D&D.

- Finding a safe looking spot and camping in the Underdark after a tough day can be really, really immersive

- Companion talks get more scenes that are more immersive and atmospheric

- Higher risk / higher reward. Personally I love the feeling of actually being in trouble and scraping my inventory for anything that will help me get out of it.

- Wizards play differently and require more planning for the day than other classes, which is very fitting for Wizards

- Tiny Hut and Magnificent Mansion would be absolutely incredible in BG3 for resting in dangerous areas. You could even have cool scripted scenes waking up inside a Tiny Hut with a band of ogres waiting outside and having to devise a plan how to fight them after letting the force field down. High level Wizards with Mansion (something like Raphael's?) would be incredibly useful for the party.

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