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Woah woah woah, I never said that thing you're all quoting me on! That was @Maximuuus, who I was quoting.

I have 0 fear that a pause like this would be like in Solasta. I love Solasta and the pop ups and think that BG3 should be more like Solasta, at least in how reactions are implemented.

Looks like you're the bad guy !!

Anyway yes definitely, I said it many times in this thread. Proper reactions are necessary, this is something I totally want in BG3 and this is a real opportunity to improve the TB system to something a bit less static/a bit more dynamic.

This toggle ON/OFF doesn't make sense to manage one of our (re)action/round.

On the other hand I'd like something a bit less intrusive and/or a bit faster than in Solasta if possible. Something a bit closer to real time or something that won't freeze the TB again.

Maybe a small popup time limited while the action is slowing down a bit or something...

I don't know, I don't have a real good suggestion in mind but I hope something even better could be done.

Of course I'd like frozen popup like in Solasta way more than what we have now.

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