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It doesn't feel like an accomplishment when using any of these exploits. It's all just a big meme, really.

Most would agree. But Larian seem to strongly believe in maxims like "more is better", and "if you don't like something, ignore it". Even when the "legal exploits" are obtrusively universal core mechanics that you can't help feel like you're engaging in self-nerfing (which is counter to the essence of RPGs) unless you engage in. All Larian gameplay implementations are exploitable, unimmersive and strongly unbalancing. Even those most people don't necessarily think of as cheese, such as pickpocketing - which in reality is giving the middle finger to risk vs reward mechanics (for all intents and purposes near endless source of free stuff for near zero risk and zero effort) for perceived fun.

At this point, all I feel is realistic to hope for is a DOS game-mode for the "lolz-crowd", and a D&D game-mode that limits the cheese.

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