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Larian loves letting players find ways to break the game (see 57:35 to 59:11). It's part of their philosophy in general, and probably part of their vision for BG3. People are free to ask Larian to change their vision, but I doubt Larian will heed those calls (of course, it would have been more efficient if they had communicated more clearly on this, but ... they haven't).

It's regrettable. I'd like to beat the game through a keen understanding of DnD's class abilities and spells, not through a keen understanding of Larian cheese.
I don't think it's too much to ask for a D&D Hardcore difficulty without the cheesy exploits for a D&D game.

Some things like the resting system is not up to difficulty settings though and needs to be designed for that from the ground up. So I really, really hope Larian respect that many people actually do want to play BG3 like it's D&D 5e. They are making changes to 5e in the name of "video game" that have nothing to do with video games, but everything to do with someone's personal preference. I love the tactical combat in D&D. The dumbed down combat in BG3, not so much.

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