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Don't forget to take back your 1H+shield after you used your bonus action. +2AC during your ennemie's turns is not that bad.... smile

..... and send that greatsword to the next companion so he/she can use it at her/his turn. Like a round-robin kind of thing.
I'm a bit worried this kind of stuff makes it to a public release, and survives many patches for months and months. There's so much of it it makes you wonder if this is a Larian design principle more than an oversight. Maybe they like players being able to break the game for "player agency" or whatnot?

- cheating the game by switching items freely as described above (including switching armor freely for whatever magical properties you might need atm)
- Wizards learning Cleric spells and every class being able to use spell scrolls (breaks class balance and identity but probably "fun" for Wizards to cast heals and for Fighters to use spell scrolls?)
- trivializing combat encounters with high ground, stealth, barrels, shoving... so many options to cheese the fights
- the memes: eating pigs' heads for massive heals during combat, or building instant archery towers from crates in your inventory to get advantage, free "backstab" advantages

It doesn't feel like an accomplishment when using any of these exploits. It's all just a big meme, really.

Agreed. I do understand and accept the "if you don't like it, don't use it concept", DND PnP is relies very heavily on this type of thinking, but the combat turn in PnP tends to be very specific in many ways. You have an Action which allows you to do many things, attack, push, disengage, jump, etc, then a Bonus Action (if you have something that gives you a bonus action), which is very limited in what you are capable of doing. A fighter might attack, then say, "well, I'm going to go over here and engage this enemy." The DM would say, "well, the one you just attacked gets an attack of opportunity." Why? Because the fighter's Action was to attack, a disengage is an Action, not a Bonus Action. Stabilizing a downed character is an Action, not a Bonus Action.

Bonus Actions are actually not very common in PnP. Certain classes are granted Bonus Actions, like the rogue ability to use a Bonus Action to dash, disengage, or hide.

When mentioning "micro-managing" equipment, this is all part of the DnD experience. This is why Bags of Holding exist. :P (which essentially we have at the very start of the game smile )

What it boils down to, is what makes sense. You have 6 seconds in a round of combat. What can be done in that 6 seconds. Attacking takes 3-4 seconds, so then you are down to 2-3 seconds. Swapping armor, trading items with friends, or even swapping another weapon from your backpack, doesn't make sense.

Some DM's will stick to the rules and require an action to drink a potion. Other's will say it's a bonus action to drink one, but an action to pour one down a friends throat if they are down.(Me, personally, I don't allow this without a medicine check to make sure you don't drown the person)

I would love Larian to make a lot of different toggles to turn on and off certain aspects like stated above. Again, everyone plays the game for their own reasons. I prefer a more realistic style of play in this case.

In the whole arena of scrolls and wizards learning every spell in the game? I sure do hope that gets changed. As you stated, certain classes are geared toward magic, others are not. If a fighter wants to use a wizard scroll? Make an Arcana check. If failed, the spell fails and the scroll is destroyed. And, of course, wizards learn wizard spells! If it is on their spell list, they can learn it, if it isn't, then no.