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Real disappointing having so few classes/racesin BG3...But hey, tons of cinematic dialogues thats what counts right?
Pathfinder Wrath of the Rightheous in EA right now has an amazing amount of class content with still more to come, includes:

Alchemist: Chirurgeon, Grenadier, Vivisectionist
Barbarian: Armored Hulk, Invulnerable Rager, Mad Dog
Bard: Archaeologist, Dirge Bard, Flame Dancer, Thundercaller
Cavalier: Beast Rider, Disciple of the Pike, Gendarme, Knight of the Wall, Standard Bearer,
Cleric: Crusader, Ecclesitheurge, Herald Caller,
Druid: Blight Druid, Defender of the True World, Feyspeaker
Fighter: Aldori Defender, Armiger, Dragonheir Scion, Mutation Warrior, Tower Shield Specialist, Two-Handed Fighter
Inquisitor: Monster Tactician, Sacred Huntsmaster, Tactical Leader
Kineticist: Dark Elementalist, Kinetic Knight, Overwhelming Soul, Psychokineticist
Magus: Eldritch Archer, Eldritch Scion, Sword Saint
Monk: Scaled Fist, Sensei, Sohei, Traditional Monk, Zen Archer
Paladin: Divine Guardian, Divine Hunter, Hospitaler, Martyr, Warrior of Holy Light
Ranger: Flame Warden, Freebooter, Stormwalker
Rogue: Eldritch Scoundrel, Knife Master, Thug
Shaman: Possessed, Spirit Hunter, Spirit Warden, Unsworn Shaman, Witch Doctor
Skald: Battle Scion, Court Poet, Demon Dancer, Herald of the Horn, Hunt Caller
Slayer: Arcane Enforcer, Deliverer, Spawn Slayer, Vanguard
Sorcerer: Empyreal Sorcerer, Sage Sorcerer, Sylvan Sorcerer
Warpriest: Champion of the Faith, Cult Leader, Disenchanter, Feral Champion, Shieldbearer
Witch: Hagbound, Hex Channeler, Ley Line Guardian, Stigmatized Witch, Winter Witch
Wizard: Arcane Bomber, Exploiter Wizard, Scroll Savant, Thassilonian Specialist

Prestige Classes:

Aldori Swordlord
Arcane Trickster
Dragon Disciple
Eldritch Knight
Mystic Theurge
Stalwart Defender
Student of War
Winter Witch

I had a chance now to actually play it..... holy shit this game is so much ahead of bg3 content and gameplay wise....

But to its Defence.... visuals and sound in bg3 is unmatched realy.
And I think that the main reason you can’t compare them even if both have their roots in DnD rules.

Making such stunning visuals and Voiceover you simply can’t have a comparable content. Even if 5e wasn’t a simplified ruleset there would be no way to implement that number of features and still making such awesome visuals. As a developer you have to make a choice between visuals and content focus. And by now we know that their target audience where never BG1 +2 fans.

So going this route makes sense because it gives them a totaly different target audience and they don’t have to compete with this monster of game that wrath of righteous is.

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