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Great video showing how great game design is timeless. For one thing BG2 does <poorly> it has a dozen things is does right.
People aren't asking for a 20 year old BG2 clone, fans wanted all the elements of these prior Baldurs gate games and take it up a notch!
Larian could of EASILY improved even further on all the systems for a modern game audience but instead elected to just keep the story, copy paste DOS2 and add some truncated form of turn base D&D in the background. I still have my doubts that the team even played and finished BG2...I mean, do the prior games even come up much in interviews?

Exactly my thoughts. I mean Beamdog did the Enhanced Editions of the earlier games and they were done pretty good in my opinion. They kept a nice stylish UI and all the foundational elements that makes the games definitively "Baldur's Gate." They even expanded on some of those elements and improved upon it.

I think everyone doing the interviews should start asking more questions about inspiration from the previous games and if they are going to play any role in the future improvements to the game.

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