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Starting the game off right?
Nuh Uh. Wishing for a nice relaxing slow pace, such as candlekeep or even a relaxing dungeon escape? Nah. Get the same crappy intro from divinity 2? Yep! I'd have been fine with a crashed ship and laying on the beach as a good starting point. Like in path of exile. But the same bullshit escape from a burning/crashing ship... Come on.

When looking at the Steam Game Page, there's a reason under "More like this" The original/enhanced baldurs gate games are not listed. This is not a baldurs gate game. Make it more like a baldurs gate game.

I agree that the game's start and world design are major weak points. However, it is difficult to design a consistent world.

Someone on the owlcat forums compared it to diskworld. BG3 is not bad, it's just appealing to a different crowd. And the graphics are certainly nicer.

If you want classic Baldur's Gate feeling - slow start, real time combat, consistent, classic D&D world design - you have Pathfinder Kingmaker.

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