I also do not want real time with pause. Still trying to play through Icelandair on my tablet. Controlling the characters is so frustrating. Scripts drive me nuts. Characters get caught on each other, the walls, etc. Carrion crawler chases my people and we're playing ring around the tomb trying to fire arrows and hit the thing from a distance. It's just annoying.

So many people like RTWP, but I never have. In NWN2, half the time Qara decides to cast magic missile after an enemy has only like 2 HP. I wind up killing them before the first missile strikes. Waste of a spell.

And we all criticize resting in BG3, but NW and NWN were 10 times worse. You could rest after every fight for 15 seconds and regain everything.

I'm not a fan of the current rest system, but my point is that sometimes we think these older games were so much better. Were they really? Were they really more immersive? Was the gameplay really better? How many times did you have to reload because some idiot party member got too close to the red dragon in BG2 because you didn't hit pause fast enough or some script made them do something dumb? I can't tell you how many times I had a character step in the way of a lightning bolt because of some dumb script or because I thought the trajectory was right but it wasn't because there was no real way to know where a spell was really going to go. No highlighted area to tell you just how big a fireball blast might be.