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Not quite sure what TP is ...
But if you mean fast traveling from anywhere, i dont see any big problem with that ... i simply dont use it, and im quite fine.
Traveling only from waystone to waystone, and it certainly feels better ... laugh

Of course being able to fast travel/teleport from nearly anywhere when you're outside is not a problem. I should even say that it is necessary.

But those runes are a problem.
It is the cheapest system they could have found.
"How are we going to allow players to teleport from 1 point to another ? Let's create teleport runes !". Like in MMORPG where everyone except any NPC living in the world has it's special stone to go everywhere.

Fast travelling (to camp or any other location) would feel way less immersion breaking if we just had to open the worldmap and click on the locations available.

Fast travelling would become fast TRAVELLING rather than a meaningless teleportation. It would increase the feeling we're traveling on the Sword Coast instead of creating inconsistencies.

Of course if the camp is not on the map, there's something else that really goes wrong.

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