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The biggest argument I can think of is for multiplayer. Reaction pop-ups will result in many more times where most of the players are forced to wait for a single player to make a selection. Thus, everyone would have to pay attention to the entire combat and not just their own turn.

But honestly, this isn't a very compelling argument. Is it really the worst thing if, once in a while, you have to wait like a minute or two for your friend to come back from getting a snack?

Finally, here are many ways of addressing this:
-Allow the option of toggle or pop-up reactions
-Add a timer to the reaction pop-up window

I should mention that Solasta actually added an option to have a reaction timer in the latest patch. No one really talks about it because hardly anyone found reactions to be a problem with how *fast* the game still manages to be to begin with.

There literally isn't any downside anymore.

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