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I know, I know; he's a human and that's boring. He still is special to me since he is a fairly accurate recreation of my D&D character, Jodrun.

Jodrun was once a captain of the Neverwinter militia, falling into a deep depression after being betrayed by who he thought was a close friend (he loved his drink for a long while). Years later, he became a mercenary and after getting back on his feet, he went off to Chult to uncover the source of the Death Curse. After weeks of traveling through the jungles and by what might only be described as fate, ran into his betrayer. His enemy, Karlisus, sought to steal the Ring of Winter and use it in the name of Bhaal! After Jodrun and his allies fought Karlisus and his entourage of Frost Giants, Jodrun beheaded Karlisus; vengeance fulfilled. With knowledge of Bhaal's agents lurking around Baldur's Gate, Jodrun traveled back to the Sword Coast to end those who wronged him so many years ago and prevent another massacre from happening again. Alas, he was taken by Mind Flayers and infected with an illithid tadpole not long after arriving at the city. Now, he joins another band of misfits to find his way back to the city, with a few more goals added to his list!


To many elves in here! smile


I like my elves and half-elves too, but it gets a bit old when you see them over and over again. That said, Jodrun likely will be the only human in my eventual roster of recreated D&D characters (the others are a half-elf, Goliath, Dwarf, Dragonborn, and tiefling).