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By the way, has anyone noticed any wood elf specific dialogue? Or is it just for Drow and Tieflings thus far?
I haven't seen any wood elf or high elf dialogue options. I saw a few general elf dialogue options but not very many. frown

A pity, because for my next playthrough after doing 2 Tiefling druid playthroughs I was debating testing Drow vs. Wood Elf, but it seems like Drow would provide more options. Which seems strange considering the Grove is made of mostly wood elves, as is Daddy Halsin.

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Wood Elf

So many choices, but I still prefer my Mephistopheles Tiefling druid with the nocturnal theme; too bad Tiefling racials are so atrocious. You're like a gimped Drow without the elf weapon proficiencies, immunity to magic sleep/resistance to charm, no Perception proficiency bonus, a useless +2 charisma instead of a +2 Dex, which is useful to all classes instead of just charisma classes. All for a mediocre fire resistance racial that has been completely unimportant and it's really easy to find fire resistance potions that make that resistance redundant. Even the level up Tiefling spells are inferior to what Drow get.

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Tiefling is so pretty, why are their racials so bad mad

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