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Also, is there a reason green hair color is not a standard choice for wood elves? The wood skin tone with Green 6 hair option seems so natural for a wood elf to have....
Yes, yes they do. biggrin My druid:
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(I wish they would fix the many hair clipping issues with pointy ears!)

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By the way, has anyone noticed any wood elf specific dialogue?
I have...but I can't recall where. I just remember being surprised they were being that specific. Sorry, not much help, I know.

My tiefling warlock, a first for me on both accounts. A shame they got rid of that hair option since they have so few for them already.
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Ya, what I mean is that you have to unlock the racial hair colors to make the green color available, because in the default wood elf hair color palette, green is not an option, so I was wondering if it's confirmed in lore that wood elves are not meant to have green hair. Just like how I love the demonic yellow eye color on my drow but know perfectly well it's an off-lore option.

I think the only wood elf dialogue I saw in youtube was Minthara being an asshole to a wood elf and calling you a grotesque form and calling you a faerie that needs to obey. I can't find anything else.

But I wish so hard upon a star that they improve Tiefling and human racials by release ;(. I really love my Tiefling druid, looks super unique.

It would also be great if they fixed tattoo colors for darker skin colors, because since darker colors don't register well on a darker-skinned drow, but the lighter tattoos look so awful and plastic on their dark skin.

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