I just started playing Solasta and man, have I been missing out sticking with BG3. The Ready Action, which works like Reactions, is really cool. My party was sneaking around a camp full of goblins and I set my wizard's action to Ready Action - Cast Cantrip. The moment a goblin came within line of sight of her, she stood up, cast firebolt, killed it, and then went right back to sneaking. Or my Paladin would set the Ready Action to perform a melee attack and then put him next to my party members, so that the first enemy that comes within range to attack the party gets a sword in his face.

The wizard has the Shield spell memorised and when attacked, I get a pop up asking if I want to cast Shield. If I think it might do a lot of damage if it lands, I'd cast the spell. This is such a cool power in 5E and it's a real shame that BG3 simplifies all Reactions to a passive toggle.