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What are your impressions of the current state of BG3 compared to BG2 (NOT DOS2, NOT D&D 5e...)
BG2 and BG3 are different games and different genres of RPG. Apples and oranges. Being a top down RPG doesn't make it the same game, just as FPSes come in various flavours. As such, I can't help with being negatively disposed toward BG3, with BG2 being one of my all time favourites.

On top of that BG3 is not finished, so it is possible (though unlikely) that at least some of my major petpeeves will be addressed. From a big picture side of things - Bioware knew precisely what kind of game they were making and what it's appeal was, I am not sure if Larian knows it. A lot of ideas and conflicting designs being thrown around. That said, it is possible it will all come together closer to the release as individual mechanics get polished.

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