Additionally playing melee characters mostly I have had 0 issues with completing any fight in the story arc in any patch thus far or using proper positioning to take advantage of combat though currenty mechanics do seem to be slightly over tuned with patch 4 making them not as easy as they were in patch 3 since some of the npcs gained access to multi attack yet it has been denied to us as players to be able to obtain that level to counter balance it making the fights harder but still not impossible just requiring more thought when dealing with the encounters. I found the minotaurs were much more difficult on the patch 4 play through but the spider matriarch was probably a 15 second fight due to preplanning. The minotaurs makin the multiple attacks over using the shove mechanic themselves and not taking fall damage when leaping down on a target was kinda over exaggerated. Hit points were roughly accurate however Multi-Attack should not have been included with them they were basically leap attack and then attack twice more - over tuned. It should be tuned down and they should be taking fall damage jumping down 30 feet / 10 meters or more. Should also be getting around 175 xp a piece for killing them with a 4 character party. As over tuned as they are with multi attack ect i would expect them to be treated like cr 5/6 instead of cr 3 as a fight.