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Also, is there a reason green hair color is not a standard choice for wood elves? The wood skin tone with Green 6 hair option seems so natural for a wood elf to have....
Yes, yes they do. biggrin My druid:
Ya, what I mean is that you have to unlock the racial hair colors to make the green color available, because in the default wood elf hair color palette, green is not an option, so I was wondering if it's confirmed in lore that wood elves are not meant to have green hair. Just like how I love the demonic yellow eye color on my drow but know perfectly well it's an off-lore option.
I was saying "yes they do" to mean that I agreed that wood skin tone and green 6 hair seemed natural for wood elves. That's why I used exactly that for my character, despite green hair not being an official racial hair option (without unlocking it).

I figured she either dyed her hair or had ancestry of some type of green-haired humanoid (dryad perhaps?). I feel like you can justify some off-lore physical traits as a remote anscestor's recessive gene rarely showing up in your family tree until you. smile Maybe your drow had a demonic anscestor a long time ago, but the family kept it quiet (or it's fallen out of memory).

I found a couple different sites about D&D races, but they had conflicing information (some said green hair, some didn't) and I don't know D&D well enough to judge what's reliable.