There is a lot of clutter in BG3, and while it does add to the ambience up to a certain point, I do wish they had about half of the amount of lootable containers that they do. Or at least keep things like vases decorative and only make chests and crates lootable.

Some games let you decide what levels of loot to hide (visually it just doesn't show), so maybe that could be extended to lootable containers containing those items. For example, toggle whether to make a container interactable: if it's empty or not, if it only contains common items or not, etc.

However, I do like that you can pick up non-lootable items and send them back to the camp. I was tired of how boring my camp looked, so I was able to redecorate it by placing a number of items around the camp. That could also be toggled off for people who don't want to pick-up a crystal ball by accident. I like my teddy bear. silly
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