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Something I rarely see specifically pointed out is that evil and whiny/nitpicky/annoying don't have to be linked. You can have evil characters that are a joy to have in your party. And even the "whiny" and critical ones can be likeable. I'd say most of BG1&2 evil cast was fun to play with. (Ok, not Eldath and Shar-Teel, though I know some people like the latter.) Edwin is an arrogant prick and he's generally liked. Montaron and Xzar are great.

Imo the problem with BG3 companions is that they (from what I gather reading this forum) act like the most stereotypical annoying girlfriend that criticizes every little thing you do in the most aggrevating way possible. (That on top of the "teenage melodrama" vibes.) My impression after reading the patch notes was the this was the issue that had been addressed, so I was surprised by the negative reaction.
Yes I agree. That's why I try to remember to say I want companions that are both good-aligned and likeable. I see those two things as points on separate, independent dimensions of a companion's personality.

Exactly. You have so many layers/aspects and variables that play together. There is (or can be, at least) a huge variety between characters of the same alignment (especially if you only consider the good-evil axis). And that's only counting "how" and "why" they are good/neutral/evil. Then you have other facets of their personalities... and the quality of writing. (One of the things that are currently the biggest turn-offs for me in BG3 is "every companion is horny". For me it's enough of a turn-off for "custom party it is, as much as I'm not a fan of it". I could deal with "somewhat annoying", but this is a dealbreaker.)

Sometimes a good and an evil character can get along better than two of the same alignment - I'd love to see this scenario in BG3. No character development/alignment change, just a good and an evil character forming a solid friendship despite their differences.
Reminded me of when Wyll and Laz'rael hooking up despite the developers stated that Wyll would be the one closest to the good alignment (they purposefully wanted to give us neutral and evil characters to use first since they tend to be less picked). Maybe there could be something more down the line but they seem to like each other enough based on their banter.