Though this topic is pretty old, wanted to add my 2 cents to this topic:

Im not against RNG, on the contrary, I feel with clever design it can be a really cool experience. Im playing Disco Elysium at the moment and its interesting what ways they use to make RNG an interesting mechanic rather than a frustrating one (some of this has been already mentioned by others):

- most of the cases when you see a tough skill-check in a dialogue, the game lets you to get out of dialogue and save before trying that check
- some scenarios doesnt let you to do the above, but the devs managed to make failing these really interesting or fun and the early-hints for this are top-notch, i almost always can feel if failing something will be cool rather than a deadend, its like the game wants you to fail some choices and this is pretty clear really early in the game
- there are red and white checks (white can be retried after skill progression) which is a nice way to give more visibility of options to the player
- most passive checks use the treshold system
- for crucial checks sometimes there is usually another way to achieve the goal even if you failed the check and the game lets you know if there is
- and the one i like the most: the game lets you know from the start that you have to explore things around you to increase your chances for certain checks. for example at the very beginning of the game
if you stop the fan first you can more easily reach the tie hanging from it
. You immediately see the bonus earned with that when you look how your chance rate builds up. And that encourages you instantly to explore more ways to abuse this system, you realize if you speak with npcs and read books you will know more about certain scenarios and you will see bonuses for checks connected to those scenarios, its not only your skill/attribute bonuses matter but the way you play. I feel the game rewards me for exploring the world and talking to npcs, a lot of times i only succeed with a tough check because of those modifiers. I have the feeling this already happens in BG3 at some parts but the game doesnt really let the player know which particular actions led to better chances on certain checks?

It would be cool to see the last one being used in BG3 to connect gameplay elements a little bit more to each other.