The closest we can get to Larian are the forum moderators.
They are busy working on the game is a poor excuse when you have over 300 employees minimum and an ongoing EA!!
Zero feedback on extremely DETAILED EA feedback on BG3. Some people did incredible job at this, pages and pages of detailed explanation. No word. Not even a <thanks> in the comical video chats...
That is VERY worrisome. It tells me that Larian is still unsure on its road ahead for BG3.

At this point we should have a CLEAR IDEA at the very least on the base game NPCs, races, skills, classes such info. All we get is, in 2 months, new SURPRISE class! That is NOT a good sign of things.
Many fans of previous games and D^D fans have already left the forum. Nearly everyone HATES BG2, the previous game, for some reason when trying to compare stuff. Strange. All that is left is Larian believers, DOS fans, or more modern game Witcher/Skyrim fans basically.
So we old geezers get lots of resistance when criticizing some things.

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