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EXACTLY!!!!! It's *SOOOOO* much better with those amazing options!!! I wish SO DAMN MUCH that Larian implements something like that, because it enhances the gameplay by a ton!!!

Yup. Now that I've seen what a true CRPG representation of the DnD core rules is like, I just can't enjoy BG3's combat anymore. BG3's fights are now just annoyances I have to get through to advance the story.

In BG3, the wizard is just a poorer damage dealer than the fighter or the rogue, and whose main worth is casting Magic Missiles, and maybe Feather Fall if you wanna go to the Underdark through the spider lair.

But with reactions, you get to feel like the wizards in movies and novels. Look! The enemy's mage is launching an attack at us! The wizard looks up, and discerns that the spell Slow is being cast, and quickly mutters an incantation that counters that spell, completely nullifying it. The wizard is more than just a second rate damage dealer playing second fiddle to the martials. He is your defence against the enemy's magical attacks. Without him watching your back, your party would be at the mercy of enemy wizards and could be Slowed, Charmed, Poisoned and hit by all sorts of maledictions.

Not having proper reactions in BG3 does a huge disservice to DnD 5E and makes new comers to DnD think that wizards and other casters are useless, and that a party should just have martials and a bag full of pig's heads.