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The example of talking to the snake and the different dialogue we get from Nettie could be signs that Larian is starting to understand that players want to be rewarded for choices, not penalised for dice rolls. Time will tell if this new insight leads to better dialogue in other areas.

As for Gale, the point I was making was that his approval of you, for the reasons as enumerated by him, has so much to do with pure chance.
Apart from his romance (which I haven't tried, so no idea), how much impact do these options have on your interactions with Gale, though? Even when going with the rolls (and I don't bother with some, e.g. Arka) I never had any companions leave due to low approval. The (dis)approval messages are quite annoying and feel like spam, so I'd like an option to turn them off. But feeding Gale magical items was enough for him to be very approving of my characters regardless.

Tbh, I had the impression with some of Gale's dialogues that he is just buttering the main character up.

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