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Larian loves letting players find ways to break the game (see 57:35 to 59:11). It's part of their philosophy in general, and probably part of their vision for BG3. People are free to ask Larian to change their vision, but I doubt Larian will heed those calls (of course, it would have been more efficient if they had communicated more clearly on this, but ... they haven't).

It's regrettable. I'd like to beat the game through a keen understanding of DnD's class abilities and spells, not through a keen understanding of Larian cheese.
Showing my age here; Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 had it's fair shair of tom-f**kery with mechanics. One of the more infamous ones was with an enemy just out of the party's line of sight and casting cloudkill (aoe damage over time spell, I forget if it's made it to 5e). There was also stuff like the cloak that reflected magic back at the casters, allowing you to walk into a room of beholders and let them do the work for you. Then there was the more fundementally baked in problems, like higher level spells actually being fairly limited; even towards the end of the series when you were fighting some of the most canonically powerful beings in the setting, Dispel Magic, Fireball and Lightning Bolt (all level 3) would usually sort you for most encounters in terms of offensive magic, while more powerful spells were functionally useless (especially the ones that required the enemy to have a certain HD; by the time you got those spells, most things beat the threshold).

That is Bioware and Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 however, not Larian and Baldur's Gate 3. Players are always going to find ways to break the game. That is inevitable as taxes, so this might sound rather cavalier however I think there should be many ways to do it, so long as they're all fun and if you want to do it 'properly' you can do it that way too.