Anyone who buys the game is welcome to figure out whatever cheats, hacks, misuses they want from the game.

As for me, I'm astonished daily that people would even TRY such inane things as moving weapons from character to character during battle, swapping armor on and off during a battle, cramming 15 donuts down their characters throats every turn to heal, and some of the other nonsense, much less actually USE such mechanics.

But hey, if that is what makes the game rock for them, more power to them.

None of these issues spoil the game for me - nobody is going to MAKE me do any of these things.

Reality is EVERY mod out there is essentially somebody creating a hack/cheat from what the developers intended - and we each choose which, if any, of these to make use of.

Your balance might very well be my Imbalance, and vice versa.