RPG's are supposed to simulate real life while giving players the ability to put themselves in the role of their fantasy character. In RL, you may have good intentions, but you may not always succeed at something.

If I was DMing this story, as I am a DM, I would make players make rolls to determine if they succeed in persuading people, in resisting the influence of the tadpole, etc. It's all apart of D&D. You succeed sometimes and fail others. Sometimes you are a hero and make epic rolls and are like, "Yeah! I needed a 15 and I rolled natural 20," and other times you need a 5 and roll a 1. The story is then affected by your RNG dice rolling. That's how an RPG is supposed to be done.

In a computer game version, you can cheat by savescumming. So if you want to cheat and be a hero every time, save and reload for every roll. That's tour choice.

I am saying this because I feel that this is something Larian is doing right. If you make all the dialogue choices and so forth all player picks and not RNG, the game will be more boring. The whole point of these rolls is too make you grit your teeth and think, "Oh gosh! If I fail this roll, what will happen?"

Spoiler. The first time I played the game and the snake killed Arabella, I was like, "What the crap! That sucks! No. I'm reloading. Not gonna happen." But then I took a moment and realized, "That's how it should be. You waltz in and try to persuade a Dark Druid to not kill a thief who stole her idol, you are more than likely going to fail even if you are a skilled negotiator. Snakes are fast, and you weren't thinking she was going to do such a thing, so being able to save her is also unlikely. It is also likely that Gale would be upset with youbfor failing. All this makes sense for Larian to do and it wakes player up real quick. Some actions have serious consequences.

So please don't take this element of the game away from me. Put a difficulty setting in for people who don't want true D&D experiences but don't take away my authentic RNG RPGing. I really enjoy having 1 playthrough where one character succeeds at something and I get to see what happens when you succeed and then another playthrough 1 character fails and I get to see what happens. It really makes this game more fun on additional playthroughs.

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