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I'm not sure I follow. For me a narrative difference means the game's story takes a different turn depending on the outcomes of an event. In this case I'd expect a different result depending on whether you suceed at these quests. But out of the examples you gave, I don't bother with Zarka and I usually kill Aradin (if the goblins don't manage that). Yet Gale still confessed and asked for magical items. The only narrative difference to his quest I have seen so far is now on the evil playthrough, but this is the outcome of going the evil route from the start.

Gale speaking a few nice words doesn't necessary mean you have made an impression on him. That is in the realm of character interpretation, and, based on my own playthroughs, I don't interpret his words as such.

You're free to interpret what it means to make a narrative difference or what his reasons are for saying the things he says, but the main point that I've kept having to repeat is that, intentions don't matter to your companions, only that you succeed, which depend most of the time on dice rolls.