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1. You peacefully resolved the conflict between Zevlor and Aradin
2. You peacefully resolved the conflict between Arka and the goblin prisoner
3. You saved Arabella from Kagha
1) If you are Tiefling, you can solve problem without dices (if i remember corectly)
2) This one is funny ... since if you step between Arka and Sazza, and then instead of dices, you simply step out of the way ... you still get aproval from Gale. It seem he didnt cared about the goblin at all, he simply admired that you have courage to interfere in first place. laugh
3) Im not quite sure about it, since its quite some time (2 patches cca) when i tryed it, but i believe that if you fail, Gale will tell you that he likes that you TRYED to save the kid. But as i say, its few months back when i failed last time, maybe im mixing things up. :-/

Conclusion, theese things dont even need to exactly "change" ...
All Larian needs to do is simply move approval gain before the dice roll, not after ...

I just wonder how would it look if we get split approval to two groups ...
First "half" we would get when we try ... and another one when we success ... you know, something like "at least you tryed man".

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!