Ok. I can agree with that, though it depends on the people. 😁

Some people only like you if you succeed. Some are not so shallow. So I guess it depends on the types of people these characters really are. Lae'zel, for example, strikes me very much as a gal who is only impressed by results. Astarion as well and even Wyll, though he hides behind his hero mask. Not sure about Shadowheart and Gale. They all hide deep, dark secrets, so Im not sure any of them are truly good people who care much at all about intentions.

Honestly, I view all the party, even Lae'zel, as redeemable people who are all not good but also not evil. I view them as various shades of neutral. Some may have some good intentions, like Wyll, but deep down there is an evil that lurks that makes them all rather selfish and self-centered. Your decisions and successes may win them over to be more good or more evil, and that is part of the point of the game. The more you impress them, the more you persuade them to either become better people or more evil. The more you succeed, the more you impress them.

But, if Larian is not going for the shallow approach to these characters, then I totally agree. A not shallow character would be persuaded by intentions, not successes. But keep in mind, not one of them calls you friend in the beginning. You have to win their friendship. Until then, they are all judging you based sometimes on intentions and sometimes on shallow successes or failures. So IMO, I do think it is pretty well balanced and shows they are all a bit shallow at times.

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