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some of the studio members were discussing ways in which they had defeated an encounter using their own ingenuity and exploiting systems in unexpected ways, something Vincke says is one of the core pillars of what Larian is trying to do.

"I mean, that's why we put those mechanics in there," Vincke says. "So the creative use of the mechanics for the players is the thing that we try to maximize. D&D is about your agency, your creativity. We're trying to give you the same tool set still, in a fairly accessible way."[/color]

Looks like the developers are doubling down on their cheesy tactics instead of allowing players to use class abilities and spells in creative ways.

This worries me but I'm not sure what it means yet.

If he means "drinking a potion of hill giant strength and throwing a duegar on top of another" that's lots of fun and I think it's fully in spirit of 5th edition. If he means "teleporting a badger across a pit and then running to collect other party members who are sitting in some out-of-combat time loop" then yeah, you're right, and this is bad.

Ugh. Hope he means the first.