Hmmm. Meh I'm not bothered. In fact, fuck it, I'm all in. Only because martials don't get much and I know how strong mages can be starting ironically at level 5 and level 7.

From what I gather from the article they seem to be focusing on more difficult things first. Martial classes being left behind is very noticeable moving from pnp to video game format. It relies more on player imagination which technically should have translated to animation, but it seems they opted for more practical application. You can see this in pathfinder really well for example. You are nothing more than meat under a mountain of spells between foes and allies casters, if you can even see your martial character and is not dead.

I'm very familiar with the spells in dnd so I know whats coming for casters. They eclipse the game more so than Larian cheese not including solidstealthgods and maybe barrelbros. I guess most just skim or skip.

They also admit that they are only adding things they feel need testing so EA is not even a useful measure of anything really. They also admit that people misunderstood many characters. I'm ok with all of this actually. Maybe it was a lowkey nudge to the Haslin/Astarion worshippers lmao.

I hope some more start to see the bigger picture. EA is skewed pretty much entirely I can only assume. Its not the full game. Just a playground to test things. How much can change is unknown, but what is known is that it has. I can't do anything with that info one way or another.

I think I'll stick to just browsing datamine.

5e phb puriest will probably raise hell though.