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Pushing and shoving

Of course, there is combat, and Vincke says the team is working on that aspect as well. He says they think it's a little bit too random still, in cases where they'd like it to be more tactical. They're also tooling with the RNG in some areas, and are looking for ways of streamlining it to have a "more modern experience."

Jeez. It's their own changes that made 5e less tactical. Revert them!

Free Disengage for everyone! Always go high. Always hit from behind. Always eat a cheese wheel. Shove, shove, shove. Dip and poison. Stealth murder the entire encounter in heavy armor without being seen. Long rest after every encounter. They killed the gameplay with these no brainer OP things you can do without any resource management.

I mean... BG3 is great in many ways, but Larian seriously don't get what tactical gameplay means. 5e RAW makes for a good tactical game and you absolutely could spice it up with more hazards and some explosives. But Larian won't see this with their tunnel vision where only "modern" DOS mechanics exist.