So far the game is working decently with proton, though with the last two patches it required some re-finagling for me. As long as it keeps up as is, I too am *okay* with it. Though, I don't know if long-term this constitutes a good strategy for those of us who want to normalize Linux support. That is, by voicing our satisfaction with the half-measure of Proton, it signals that companies can long term ignore actually pursuing Linux support. This is a losing strategy if we actually want Linux, as the open-source option, to be increasingly used by gamers and users generally instead of Windows or Apple operating systems.

That is to say, I am stoked enough about BG3 that I will acquiesce with only Proton as an option (because, I am certainly not going to use Stadia), but I hope that we can develop other strategies in the future that force the hand of companies to offer full Linux support.