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They could increase A LOT players agency/creativity if custom mechanics weren't so overpowered.

If D&D is about player's agency and creativity, let us also only play with D&D rules and spells and class abilities rather than impose us a good way of playing.

I'm 100% fine with their will to add more things and even silly things I won't use (like throwing boots or ennemies)... But please let me play this incredible game how I want to play it...

A better balance between custom rules and RAW mechanics is the only solution so players can CHOOSE and use THEIR creativity rather than yours.

Baldur's Gate II had several difficulty settings, with one being core D&D. It makes the game more enjoyable for players for different reasons. They included harder modes and the easier versions were often to fix the fact that it's a video game adaptation of a pen & paper game. I'm sure something like that will happen here.

It's more about balancing the 2 layers of BG3 (D&D/Homebrewed) than difficulty levels but honnestly... I fear for higher difficulty levels...

If I'm able to solo'd the game pretty easily now because the basics of BG3 broke the balance (jump/disengage+backstab, highground godmode, dipping, verticality+shove,,...), what are going to be harder difficulty levels ?
My tactical skills and/or D&D knowledge and/or party build doesn't matter at all because as soon as you use Larian's homebrewed : you're a master of BG3.

So what ? Is that only going to be harder because ennemies will hit harder and because I'll miss them more ?
Will I still play the exact same as I was after 20 hours of gameplay but just die a bit more ?

Or maybe I'll have to stay in normal mode but completely forget about every cool addition because they're too powerfull ?

I like the game and I like many of their additions but something is really wrong in their balance.
The game lack of tactical depth and it's only because they impose us to use (some of) their mechanics in every combats... That's not what I call choices.

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