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@andreasrylander You have a lot of "I want" rather than "what is". You have to understand Wotc made expansions, rule changes, additions, etc. Which boils down to official homebrew. Larian are fully backed on this project by Wotc. Some how this is lost on many. Wotc are in this. Its official content. Hell some parts might be added to canon.

Have any actually played dnd 5e phb raw with no changes or expansions? Not even Wotc was fully happy with it. I don't DM, but it is important to keep the players in mind over being hardcore RAW. The goal is to have a fun experience. Wotc agreed some things need changing for the vision Larian, as a DM, has in mind.

Solasta is a different DM and are RAW mostly, but their vision is also quite different. Solasta is not perfect. Many 5e flaws are quite rampant. It depends on what you prioritize as fun. Again focus on what is not what can be.

Are some things crazy right now? Sure, but some people really go nuts and overboard. Completely missing the point of EA. Playground testing.

I've always wanted to ask: Are you a 5e purist if you are against official Wotc supported projects?

Not trying to pile on you personally. Just generally speaking semi rhetorically.

I am a huge dnd lore fan, but eventually I had to let some things go and focus on enjoying whats in front of me. It sucks, but eventually I'll get what I want. Just maybe not now with this particular project. Instead I focus on the chance to hunt squid monsters and maybe vamps, demons, devils, etc. Sounds good to me. Lol

If all things go smoothly I'll play both. I use to be a huge fan of gameplay over story, however I need purpose to my gameplay. These day's I need more stimulation. Just good gameplay does not cut it. Neither does just a good story. I need the complexity of both done well. I'm greedy like that. What I want/need is, for now, limited by what is.

Leash that expectation is what I'm saying.

You come across as quite conceited and condescending there, but I am not sure you meant to do that, so I will give you the benefit of doubt.

As for your commentary on me spouting "I want" rather than "what is", you seem to not take into context that we *all* want things, but it doesn't mean I am not capable of grasping what the WoTC is, or their stance on things. Amazingly, I am fully aware of all the things you wrote. I am still free to have opinions, and I do. I have in fact written my opinions about these things in great depth frequently, and it is my belief that their homebrewing is not done for the betterment of this game at all.

I am not "against" anything. I would like things to be better though, and I would like your tone to improve too.

I have GREAT hopes for this game. This game is in fact the game I long for the most out of all games right now, and so I hope this game will be the best it can be. To that end, I do not believe their homebrewing so far is compatible with that outcome, and I always present arguments as to why I believe that is the case.

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