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I agree with the OP and I guess I just have to police myself not to cheat and be "cheap" when it comes to combat as best I can. What else can we do since the cheese is here to stay?
But, what I have a MAJOR problem with is the inside jokes and personal stories that this game is ABSOLUTELY POLLUTED WITH. I want to feel like I'm playing a fantasy RPG, not intruding on peoples' personal lives and memoirs. For example, there's a book you find often in the game called A Pleasurable Deal that talks about someone named Robert and how his wife/girlfriend cheated on him with one of his friends. That's f!@#king gross and I don't want that in my game. I'm sure Robert doesn't, either. There's another letter you'll find in the burned-out town of Waukeen's Rest on one of the guards that talks about a girl finding one of her boyfriends "snot rags" that he left on the table and how she wants to break up with him but he occasionally says some funny things so she keeps him around. And tons of things about playwriting, a dwarf named "Brian", etc., etc. This whole game so far has felt like I'm in the middle of someone's selfie. Clean this crap up and act like professionals who are selling a product to the general public, not making a memory book or forcing people to watch your Hawaiian vacation slideshow.

I've always felt the game's portrayal of romance, some story elements and cheese mechanics had a juvenile vibe to it.