@andreasrylander Huh?

Their is no "all" you speak for yourself and only yourself. I never said you don't grasp things. Opinions don't equat to automatically making things better. You don't have the latest build of the game, script, or list of mechanics for release. You have a playground of specific things that may or may not be in the final product.

You have no say on how I choose to speak. Ironically you are the one being extremely condescending and rude. What is best is for the game is up to Larian to decide and strive for.

Your entire argument is for how things "should" be. Thats a lot arrogance for someone elses vision. Hence focus on what they are doing and give feedback. From there Larian decides what's best. The extent is suggestion in a vacuum, but you come off as trying to give orders on the whole.

Cool your jets or the convo ends here. At least on my end.