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Why not consider that once a companion's quest is over, he is no longer too interested in our quest. But that he remains available to offer us his services punctually.

That I am fine with, and I am fine with individuals dying because of our decisions. Heck, I was fine with BG1 and 2 Party Conflicts cause it made them feel like they had some agency. But I am mostly not fine with them decided to wipe out any that we don't have with us at that exact time. It feels stifling and honestly a bit forced.|

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I find that four characters is not much. Six was a good number. There are probably good reasons for reducing the number to four.
But instead of putting the companions in reserve at the camp, why not allow them to be sent on a mission somewhere?
- Search for information
- Escort missions
- Surveillance
- Walking around and scouting
- Shopping grin
Maybe even form a second group in parallel.

I'd absolutely love for companions to be able to do things. I think elsewhere I suggested that each could have their own small RPing job in camp like hunting or cooking so they feel like a group that is working together.

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What you really want is an increased party size.
Don't be shy, we are a lot asking minimum 5 characters in the party grin

I want increased party size as well, 6 is the perfect amount considering the previous games and the max party size for most 5e modules. It would allow us to really have a full dnd party and experience the world with a real variety in combinations considering Subclass and Character options.