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Hmm... I certainly agree that a lot of the cheese mechanics are juvenile, and the romances... yeah, they sometimes come off in that way a bit, maybe. But I am not too concerned with those things, really. The juvenile or troll-like aspects of the mechanics are troublesome though. I feel it takes away a lot from the atmosphere, that should be a rather foreboding one.

BG3 is a mature rated game. But it almost seems like it wants to cater to the sensibilities of teenagers. I knew Larian had that tendency with what I saw in DOS games (I never played either version and only know of them through videos and reviews) but I didn't expect the same vibe with BG3 since it was a new IP for them with an all new game system. Boy was I wrong.

I have noticed the same, even though it still has improved. DOS 1 was *VERY* immature, and troll-like mechanisms and jokes basically bombarded you, almost completely pulling you out of the world and the setting completely. It was like playing a Monty Python game. I still found that amusing and I enjoyed it, and continued to play it but hoping that one day they would release a more "serious" game.

Then DOS2 came and it was *WAY* more serious compared to the first, if still very quirky, humourous and occcationally "trolly". Still, it was an AMAZING game, and still is, and I love it. I love Larian a lot! But... I wished they could make something far more serious still, and I also hoped that one day they would do a DND game.

So when BG3 by Larian was announced, I literally got tears of joy in my eyes. My dreams come true!

So far the game is certainly more serious and less "trolly" than DOS2, but .... I am just hoping it will be far more serious, true to the core rules and less "trolly" when it is eventually released. I honestly believe that would be the best route for them to go from both a PR/Marketing/Financial standpoint, and also a qualitative one. But we'll see. No matter what, I love the game a LOT even as it is now. I think it's brilliant. I just hope they fix a few things and change a few things. =)