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So far the game is certainly more serious and less "trolly" than DOS2, but .... I am just hoping it will be far more serious, true to the core rules and less "trolly" when it is eventually released. I honestly believe that would be the best route for them to go from both a PR/Marketing/Financial standpoint, and also a qualitative one. But we'll see. No matter what, I love the game a LOT even as it is now. I think it's brilliant. I just hope they fix a few things and change a few things. =)

Now that I have heard Swen and some of the panels, I can see some of his personality in the games. Not a bad thing really, and obviously tons of people like it, but it's not for me.

And I still think you are hoping for some hybrid version. I say let it go. It won't happen, at least not as much as most 5e players want. People keep saying it's EA so things can change but I've watched some other games in beta (I mean, this is essentially beta) and you know what? The game system never changes. At least not dramatically. What we are seeing is pretty much what we are getting. We will get slight tweaks here and there but most assuredly a lot of systems like barrelmancy, shoving, backstabbling, height advantage, healing food is here to stay.

So cut me a bigger portion of that cheese to go with my whine. =)

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