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I agree, that the trying part should get approval. It's not fun to do the right thing and the companions still disapprove. It is not always fun to have to succeed a role to get approval.
Depends on the companion. E. g. I doubt the githyanki society rewards intentions; you either fail or you succeed. So I don't think Lae'zel would care about you trying, same for Astarion. Shadowheart on the other hand remarks on it if you try to free her from the pod, even though you fail.

Right. That's what I was saying earlier too. I actually think it is just fine as is. Lae'zel is, for the most part, a person who requires results or she's not impressed. This is especially clear when she propositions you at camp after you kill the gobbo leaders. But even still, there are many dialogue events that she approves simply by making the right choice without a roll. Same with all the characters. Some dialogue options give you approval or disapproval. Some are based on whether you succeed or not. And we have no idea how much approval/disapproval points we get each time either. So maybe Gale disapproves when you fail a roll, or whatever, but it obviously isn't much since you can pretty easily increase your Gale approval rating just by making choices in the game that are towards helping people. Same with Wyll.

So if you really examine the game closely, some choices gain influence or lose it and some dice rolls. This is not a bad way of doing it for a CRPG. If I'm a DM and I have complete strangers all meet and thrown into this scenario and they don't know each other and don't know whether they can trust one another, passing Persuade dice rolls and so forth would impact characters' overall impressions of one another. Good intentions only go so far with complete strangers.