My 2 cents: I agree, i like that kind of cheese when i can cleverly connect certain actions/skills or use the environment or certain items to my advantage in certain scenarios but that should not mean i can beat most enemies and challenges in the game using the same tactic over and over again. Especially if you can do that with all party members. Especially if we are talking about a 100+ hour game with high replayability planned. For example as others mentioned as one example shoving is fun once in a while or jumping is okay to use celeverly once in a while but at the moment these can be abused heavily to win fights instead of cleverly combining unique class specific skills or teamwork actions.
I look forward to play bg3 full release as its already a really nice game with a lot of cool features but atm its not nearly as tactical to me as i expected it to be. Thing are changing though, its still EA, so fingers crossed