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I agree, that the trying part should get approval. It's not fun to do the right thing and the companions still disapprove. It is not always fun to have to succeed a role to get approval.
Depends on the companion. E. g. I doubt the githyanki society rewards intentions; you either fail or you succeed. So I don't think Lae'zel would care about you trying, same for Astarion. Shadowheart on the other hand remarks on it if you try to free her from the pod, even though you fail.

Right. That's what I was saying earlier too. I actually think it is just fine as is. Lae'zel is, for the most part, a person who requires results or she's not impressed.
Yep. But I'd still like an option to hide the messages, because they get annoying quickly (and also sometimes are immersion breaking, since Shadowheart can disapprove even if dead). I don't pay attention to the approval metrics anyway.