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Anyone who buys the game is welcome to figure out whatever cheats, hacks, misuses they want from the game.

As for me, I'm astonished daily that people would even TRY such inane things as moving weapons from character to character during battle, swapping armor on and off during a battle, cramming 15 donuts down their characters throats every turn to heal, and some of the other nonsense, much less actually USE such mechanics.

But hey, if that is what makes the game rock for them, more power to them.

None of these issues spoil the game for me - nobody is going to MAKE me do any of these things.

Reality is EVERY mod out there is essentially somebody creating a hack/cheat from what the developers intended - and we each choose which, if any, of these to make use of.

Your balance might very well be my Imbalance, and vice versa.

I absolutely agree. It was very funny when I found out that someone was carrying barrels with them. My first question was " Why?" and the second "How did you think of this?". Developers can add strange features, but my opinion is that many players spoil their own game.

The barrel thing is mostly a holdover from DoS2 where you could just pick up barrels and then people figured out that when those barrels break you got a real fun time on your hands, and then if it was death fog damn you basically win the game.
Other things come up when you just try things and find holes in a system, like the weapon swapping which can be abused really easily.

I played DOS2. I took barrels only for Fane, because he can't use potions. I've never used barrels to kill. So it's your choice. I finished game in co-op and not one of us did not come up with idea "oh, let's take barrels everywhere to make it easier for us".

Thats part of the issue where not everyone is going to encounter or even knowingly engage with these kinds of mechanics, so many will while seeing it as a main mechanic while others won't even think of it, but part of EA is us saying whether or not we like these mechanics and what faults we see with them, and to many the barrel thing has glaring faults. Especially when we consider that 5th Edition didn't have many of these mechanics which creates these newer issues for a lot of these players, but DoS did have these faults for many so it is an old issue for those players who used them in the previous game.

Personally, I don't use barrels, its a bit unfun to be able to just lug one barrel over and blow it up once for an instawin, but it did cross my mind among other things. Even for an EA game, BG3 is a bit easy to exploit, though I have yet to find an item duping exploit (which is good on larian for that).