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Reading further into the interview, it mentions that they are releasing classes based on complexity, which is an understandable stance to take. Druid was complicated in both wildshape mechanics and immediate story relevance.

Still, this has super unfortunate implications. If you really want to take this at face value (and defining complexity as difficulty in coding), then the longer the reaction based classes get pushed back, the more you should expect that proper reactions won’t be a thing in this game.

Would be a damned shame.... then all we can hope for are modders making that work. smirk
I would absolutely hate to have to rely on mods to get a BG3 that plays like D&D. Mods can only go so far if the core game is designed without a proper resting / resource management system or a reaction system.

Mods are also a bit of a hassle with multiplayer where everyone needs to agree and download the same mods. If it even works?

Is it really too much to ask of Larian to provide a true D&D 5e experience in a 5e D&D game?