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Baldur's Gate II had several difficulty settings, with one being core D&D. It makes the game more enjoyable for players for different reasons. They included harder modes and the easier versions were often to fix the fact that it's a video game adaptation of a pen & paper game. I'm sure something like that will happen here.

Hope is spring eternal. I've been vocal about wanting a difficulty setting with a D&D mode, both for my own peace of mind that the gameplay won't be ruined by the excessive cheese, and for more accurate feedback given there's a subsection of players with fragile egos who are exceedingly intolerant of RNG and advocate easier gameplay because missing/failure is never fun (which in turn incentivizes Larian to continue their cheese/homebrew).

Honestly though, at this point I'm not sure the ginormous ego of the Larian heads is even willing to risk being wounded with metrics possibly telling them the average gamer will reject their entire gameplay design philosophy - discarding both their cheese *and* their origin characters as player characters.