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I'm glad they are aware of how much a turn off RNG is in the game.

Keep that crap for the troll tabletop. In my videogames, I want consistency of outcome.

In regards to Larian cheese, they just need to remove fall damage off shove and just make targets prone, and for stealth attacks to put all your group in combat.
And the last thing I want is combat where you can calculate the outcomes. Combat should be chaotic and unpredictable.

Why would they remove fall damage? The whole point in pushing someone off a ledge is to hurt them. And the world needs to feel real when you're telling a grown up story. If the gameplay is a total meme it's hard to take the story seriously.

I'm not buying the "RNG is bad in videogames". It's not about the platform. You can design tabletop games without RNG too. It's a choice.

Maybe action RPG's are more your thing if the RNG is so hard to swallow?

Could be. Action RPGs are designed to work well with the medium for which they are created. Not all have good mechanics, but they are usually more appropriatly paced than tabletop rules if you are intending to create an engaging computer-based RPG.

What you seem to want is something more akin to an computer-based emulator for the tabletop 5e experience with a BG3 game module attached. I don't know what made you think that was what Larian were making, but it is certainly not anything I would expect from what was shown before EA kicked off.

They could do better in some respects, and they could certainly offer more options for how the game plays ( which they may do before release ), but forcing a 5e emulator on an audience that mostly don't want it, is unlikely to be a winning strategy.