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Yea BG1 and BG2 was SOOO boring and dated and bad and old style and cheesy and UN-D&D and xxxxxx.... they decided to spend MILLIONS and a team of 300 plus developers all around the world to make a trilogy.
Alright then.
This all confirms to me that....They are only two kinds of people. Ones that played the original games in 1996~1999 and others who did not. Or just played the awful Enhanced Edition versions for an hour...or two.

I believe that it is very important when you have played these games. If this was one of your first games, then, of course, your impressions of it should be amazing. But if you try to play it now and before you had no experience in such games like this, then everything will repel you. Starting with the interface and ending with the personalities of the characters. In fact, having experience in new games is very difficult to play the old ones.
You should speak for yourself. I have no nostalgia for these games, as I was a small kid when they were released and only played the Enhanced Editions after playting Pillars of Eternity and I loved every second of it. From the character creation to the end slides in ToB.
Like any massive CRPG getting to know the system is fun and not repelling at all, the combat is tactical and you have so many options, the dialogue is fun, it is one of the very few games that made me laugh out lout playing.

This two games have too much in common to compare.... But yes, this is just my opinion and my personal experience.

Your are right that there are definitely *some* gamers who played old titles near the time of release and have an irrational reverence for them.

I certainly liked BG1/2 when I played them near release ( I actually played BG2 before going back to play BG1 ), because they were genuinely advanced RPGs at the time, with good, varied story structure, and I was familiar with DnD, so I appreciated the mechanics.

But I will be both surprised and disappointed if, after playing the release version, I do not consider BG3 to be the better game. With 20 years of graphic and audio presentation advances, and sufficient budget to tell a compelling story, the advantages enjoyed by Larian should simply be too great for BG3 to be objectively inferior to BG1/2.

The biggest negative that I can see ( for me, anyway ) is the lack of any sense of real time, both with the game world in general, and in the use of turn-based gameplay, which will inevitably bother me in BG3 as they do in other RPGs. But I still expect to consider BG3 to be the superior game.