"Many changes are good and I like some of the changes, but also many of Larian's changes have proved to be contentious at best and game-breaking at worst, and EA makes it our job to give feedback and say what we believe about these mechanics." <--- Totally agree with this statement. They are making a DND 5th edition game, and so it does make sense that they mostly stick to those rules, which is something they claimed they would do as much as possible, which is clearly not the case. I certainly don't mind homebrewing, but some of the homebrewing that's taking place just seems to screw too many things up, balance-wise and for many; entertainment-wise. I would also argue that their homebrewing so far actually gives us fewer options, rather than more options, as some classes lack features, or some features don't work as they should, and the distinct lack of a proper reaction system and such.